July 14th, 2003

Dr. Bunny

Grr Arrge

Damn sleep pattern won't let me sleep. I need sleep. Damn it all to hell.

Anyhoot, since I CAN'T sleep, I'm going to putz around my apt for a bit, clean it up and so forth, pack my bag, email my scripts, mail some letters, then head out to GB.

If you want to talk to me, call my cell. I will be periodically checking my email to see if the PHC ppl read my work and hopefully *crosses fingers* want to talk to me. So if you need, you can email me as well.

Not too sure how long I'm going to be in town. I know I want to be back in Mnpls by friday so I can watch the A's play. But I have ppl I need to see, coffee/chai that needs to be drunk, booze that needs to be consumed, and a city that is longing for my presence.

I will be sure to let my avid readers know the MOMENT I hear anything from PHC. Your duty this week is to peridodically think good thoughts to the ppl at PHC, let them know how awesome I am. Because, you know, I am. Awesome, I mean. Yeah.

Respectivly, my avid readers will also need to give me mad amounts of comfort if PHC decides that I am not what they need. And hold boycotts. And shake angry fists.

Peace out my children, and have a wonderful week.
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