July 27th, 2003

Dr. Bunny

Oh what a day

Walking away from my car tonight I got the faintest wiff of boats and fish, probably wafting down from the lakes not a mile away from me. Suddenly I was taken back to Grandma's house on the north shore. I'm standing in the large driveway on the hill. The sky and air and everything around me was yellow with the setting sun. Grandma had just finished gutting a fish for dinner and threw the bones out for the gulls. They are now cawing and cry and diving in the yellow air. I can smell the fish bones. I can smell the water from lake superior, I can smell the fuel from out boat. It all smells like summer, even the yellow air.

Had an obscenly busy day today. I guess it started yesterday when because I messed up my sleeping pattern, I woke up at 4pm. Went and saw tomb raider, tried to get some sleep, said bugger it all around 5:30am and got up and started to clean. I stripped my bed and the futon, went and got some tide and oxy-boost, scurried off to the laundry matt and started to wash at around 7. Talked to Lady A on the phone while my clothes were drying. She was in Atlanta waiting for her flight to New York. We talked for 40 minutes, it was absolutly grand. I was the only one who was awake on her cellphone list. HAH!

So after laundry (around 9am) I come home, make the beds, pick up every scrap of trash, wash the dishes, make some lunch, check my email, chat online, and knock on my neighbors doors at around noon to see if they have a vacuum I could borrow. Of course, everybody in my apt has a life so no dice. I decide what I need is a good power nap. I set my alarm, crash, have strange dreams involving Trading Spaces, and finally allow my self to wake up at around 4pm. I then watch a bit of TV, clean some more, scurry off to Target and get a vacuum and a floor lamp.

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Anyways, this has gone on WAY to long (well, it has if you've been reading the cuts. I'm too obsessed with neatness and orginization I swear. Too bad I don't put that effort into my spelling!). I hope everybody has a wonderful week. I'm spending mine on the road. If anybody wants a postcard, email me (meg.bridge@snc.edu) your addy and I'll make sure to send you one!

Peace out my kiddies.
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