August 14th, 2003

Dr. Bunny


Everybody needs to think good and happy thoughts for me tomorrow. I have an interview with The Marirott's SpringHill Suites in St. Louis Park tomorrow at 11am. It's for a full time front desk position from 3pm - 11pm. I'm not sure what the benifits are, but you can bet that's one of the things I ask tomorrow!

In other news on the job front, I got in contact with my cousin in DC who has contacts here in the twin cities. These contacts are great for "informational interviews" which are basically me saying "I know you don't have an opening, but look how cool and smart I am. You want to keep me in your thoughts!"

One of the benifits of working a shift that is 3-11 is that I have my mornings open for interviews and whatnot. I know I don't want to work at a hotel for ever, deep down it really doesn't appeal to me. But right now, I feel it's the best thing while I'm looking for real work.

So everybody! Cross your fingers! Think good thoughts! I love you all!! :-D
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