August 31st, 2003


Can you TASTE the geekieness?

I really am a geek.

No no, seriously, you have to believe me.

What? You already know I'm a geek? Well, okay then. Good to know.

But really, last week I finally picked up a copy of 1602, the new comic written by Neil Gaiman. It's an 8 issue series, and I couldn't think of a better way to spend 8 months than waiting for the series to end. Each month I will race to DreamHaven and eagerly buy my copy. I will walk, unashamed, to the gigantic counter that always makes me feel like I'm ten years old again, and pay for my badge of geek-ness.

I never was into comics that much when I was a kid. I did hold a very special place in my heart for Bat Man, and I still do. I suppose I could be considered more of a DC comics girl, while I think my brother Erik was a marvel guy. He loved the X-Men, and because he was older and could beat me to the saturday morning cartoons, I spent many a morning watching The X-Men on Fox and learning more about the characters. From my other geeky friends I learned about the strengths and weakness of other Marvel characters. I learned the enemies of Spiderman, the history of The Hulk, and the origins of the founding family of Marvel Comics; The Fantastic Four.

But I never bought my own comics, I never followed story lines, I just sat and listened to my guy friends discuss in detail the world of Marvel as if it really exsisted, and to them it did. I would dabble with my Bat Man and learn his history. I stole Erik's "Kingdom Come" and memorized it. I would later become obsessed with SandMan (and I still am). Truth be told, the only reason why I picked up 1602 was because Neil wrote it and my friend Mike told me it was fabulous.

And now I'm hooked. As soon as I started reading, I knew I was missing out on a whole world of characters. I started to research the backgrounds of the characters who were being portrayed. 17th century versions of Peter Parker, Nick Fury, Dr. Strange, and even some of my X-men were being displayed. I didn't know enough of the world to guess who some of the unnamed characters were. I started to read forums, started to make my own guesses at who these people are. Half of the fun is that this is one big puzzle, and one that many people are trying to figure out month by month.

So there it is, my geekieness displayed for all to see. I still don't understand why comic books, fantasy and science fiction gets looked down upon by so many people. It's considered lower, base almost. But some of the writing is amazing, and the plot lines and the characters are so full. It's not classical though, it's not "real", and that may be, but it doesn't mean that it's not good