September 3rd, 2003


A pantoum expriment

You and me and a bottle of gin,
tell me you love me 'cause I know you do.
We laugh drunkenly at my attempts to write
and you tell me the parts to edit.

Tell me you love me 'cause I know you do.
I see it in your eyes when you look at me,
telling me which parts I need to edit
and which parts you think are brilliant.

I see it in your eyes when you look at me–
I'm so transparent these days I don't know
which parts of me you find brilliant
and which parts you've grown to hate.

I'm so transparent these days –I don't know
that you and me and a bottle of gin
can cover up the parts of me you hate
when we laugh drunk. Am I right?
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Dr. Bunny

ooo! An actual entry!

Yes that's right! Not just poems or rantings, I actually have something keen to say!

I emailed my resume to two different places yesterday. One to Eureka Consulting for a receptionist position, and one to Millenium Hotels for a Human Resources Assistant. Both places called me today!! Also, next week I am going in for an informational interview with a contact my cousin Maureen gave me! Things are looking up up up!

Also today I went and signed up for two classes being offered at The Loft. One is for Science Fiction/Fantasy being taught by Lyda Morehouse. Nick loaned me a book of hers last winter that rocked my world, and I am very excited to meet her and learn what she has to say. The class is geared to writers who want to be published and how to shape their works to become published.

The other class is how to write a romance novel. I figure my pirate story could really take off the ground if I find out how to actually WRITE it. I know it needs work (and people have already pointe out loop holes, THANK YOU!!! I really do mean that!!), but I'm sure the class will help me with that!

I am excited to say the least, and I am going to GB tomorrow to see my EC sisters and my BIG boys. It should be a FABULOUS weekend, and next week is looking even more promising! W00T!