September 15th, 2003

Dr. Bunny

I am soooo tired...

Whew, I had a LONG day today.

Woke up at 7, cleaned my apt until 8, cleaned out my car until 9, then left to drive up to Beaver Bay to pick up some furniture (which I didn't need to do anything naughty to get! w00t!)

The drive took around 3 hours. I got to Beaver Bay, cleaned the chest of drawers and end table, loaded all the drawers, end table, another chest, and a kitchen table into my car with the help of my Uncle. We then drove down to Duluth and had dinner with my grandma, which made me feel insanely guilty for not seeing her earlier this summer. But now that I know how easy it is to get to her new place, and also seeing how lonely she was, I will definitely spend at least one weekend a month with her. And write to her more often. And be a better grandchild. 'Cause right now, I suck.

So after we took a tour of her place, I left Duluth at around 8 and got home at 11 beat to all hell. The drive to Duluth in the daytime is amazing, so much better than the drive to GB (which blows diseased goats). But the drive back at night is hell. It's dark. Very dark. OVER FIFTY dark. And I was tired and had musty smelling drawers in the back of my car (which was heavily weighed down and freaked me out with all the clunking it made. NOT cool).

But, it was all worth it. My apartment is insanely clean (except for my bedroom, but eh), I have new furniture that will be moved in tomorrow, and it's furniture with a history. The chest of drawers and end table were the first bit of furniture my dad bought when my parents got married. The other chest of drawers were bought to hold Louisa's clothes when she was in the hospital. The kitchen table was the kitchen table that lived in my grandparents house FOREVER. Aparrently my aunt Marilyn danced on it. Many games of Uno, Skipbo, crazy dice (which everybody remembers playing but nobody remembers the rules to. It involves dice (duh), cards, and pennies. Or something.), and has just seen it all. I feel so good to have furniture that has a family history to it, and I know I'll treat it well! :)
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