September 19th, 2003

Dr. Bunny

And what it boils down to is that everything's gonna be quite alright

'Cause I've got one hand in my pocket, and the other one just finished a load of laundry!

Which, I might add, is a chore that I ABSOLUTELY HATE. It means lugging my dirty clothes down to the SpinCycle, loading the washers, figuring out the temps, waiting and waiting and waiting for it to be done. I bring my phone with me and text message anybody I can think of. Had a good one with Timmy, and I might be going to the Empire with him later tonight. But still, I just can't seem to get the hang of laundry. I sort it, use the right temps, and my laundry STILL WON'T BE CLEAN! AAAUGH!!

Anyways, life goes well here (except for the job front, heard back from the Millennium hotel, they shot me down. Bastards.). This week has been good. The romance novel class is going to be interesting. It has 8 people, and one of them is a guy (who wasn't able to come to the first class). The rest are women ranging from young housewives to middleaged housewives. I am the youngest in the class, and the least read as well. Everybody else LOVES romance novels, knows them front to back, and I'm just there taking the class to figure it all out. But it should prove to be a good experience.

After the Romance novel class on Weds, I walked over to the Dome to meet up with people and watch the game. I got there by the third inning due to HORRENDOUS lines, but I didn't miss much. The Twins did win, the game was great, and I am now the proud owner of a Homer Hankie. It was fantastic to see people and hang with them. Yay for friends and Baseball! After the game I came back home (only after getting turned around trying to find where I had parked my car. Yay for walking in circles!) and crashed like a lame ass monkey weasel. I was beat.

Thursday came around and I got to have coffee with MA over at Pandora's. The day was ever so rainy, reminding me of November in California (which sevearly messes with my internal calender), but it was a FABULOUS time. Much talking and drinking of oh-so-good coffee. We even made a new friend by the name of Kate (it's kate, right MA?) who came over to talk to us because her brain was overloaded with Roman History. Pandora's is great because random people come and talk to you and it's all good. The evening was well spent in the company of fellow thinkers and writers. MA - we'll have to meet again and play scrabble! Anyways, I drove her home, getting only slightly misplaced in the city. Heh, you think you know a city, and they you drive around it in the dark and rain...

So now we're onto Friday. I procrastenated for a good couple of hours, then went to do laundry. Tomorrow I am driving up to Duluth to see my grandma, but other than that, my weekend is open. I should try to do some more writing and fleshing out of my pirate romance novel!

Peace out kiddies, and I hope you have a great weekend!