September 30th, 2003

Dr. Bunny

It's not a fever that's making me loopy

It's the cold medication! w00t!

No, not w00t. I hate this cold. I can't sleep because I cough so hard I'm afraid I'm going to rupture something. I wanted to go to class tonight but the meds I'm on made me so loopy I can't really drive safely (plus, I really don't want to spread this around at all). I thought I was running a temp because I was so hot and woozy, so I ran down to walgreens to get some medication and a thermometer. My temp read as normal, it turned out that my apt is set to 80º. Thank god I don't pay for heating.

Anyways, I am coughy, achy, sneezy and a couple other dwarves as well. But I have to get some sleep because I'm seeing Timmy tomorrow at his work, so I have to wake up early. I also need to run some errands, send off more resumes and work on my stories. I need to get better. I refuse to get sick. I refuse to get sicker.

I haven't been this loopy for such a long time. It feels like my limbs have been weighed down, I'm dragging lead weights when I walk from room to room. I sat in the shower for a good half hour today because I didn't have the energy to get out of it. Plus the water felt so nice. Yay for showers. I don't know what it is, but water is so soothing, so relaxing. everything is gonna be fine.

Man, infomertials when you're doped up on meds are hella funny. I mean, d00d, they're selling STUFF. On TV. And they make it look CONVINCING. I want a knife set. I want a pasta maker. I want that vacuum sharky thingy that can suck up ribbon through 10 feet of tubing.

I also calculated my yearly advil intake based on how many bottles of advil I've bought. It avarages to one dose of advil every 11 days. Of course, there are some factors that I havn't added in yet, like the fact that for a year I lived in a house with six other females, and they all knew where I kept my advil (in the kitchen). Also, when I'm sick I take more advil, sometimes two or three doses a day (girls, you know what I'm talking about).

I devoted a whole paragraph to advil, and I expect people to READ my JOURNAL?!?!?

Time for more meds and bed. Talk to yas all later.

Speedy, I'll give you a call sometime and we can get some mad happy coffee and talk of insanity.
Kelly, I'll give YOU a call and we should see a movie. I miss you hun!
Toria, you just rock my world ;) I hope your birthday was fabulous (even though it was a while ago and I'm a loser for not saying anything)
Pearl, you kick ass at random text messaging conversations. Silly girl :)
Bee, I want my hot Remus on Sirius action!
Kaela, do we want to have the Trading Spaces party at your and Adam's apt, or mine?
MA, I look forward to coffee and scrabble with you!
Brian, keep writing you fool!
Brandon, are you coming to Mpls for halloween? What shall I dress up as?
Tom, your gift will be on it's way tomorrow, I hope it gets to you in time! :-D
Adam, I still have your CB dvds, but I have had no luck ripping them *grrrr*
To everybody else on my friends list, I'm on meds and can't think anymore. I LOVE YOU ALL! :-D
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