October 2nd, 2003

Dr. Bunny

I am so in love with today

In fact, I love today so much that Today and I are going to get married and have a ton of babies, all of them as beautiful and wonderful and creative as Today is.

Today is so much better than any boy. Today is comforting, inspiring, and always responds to emails. Today has strong arms that hold me when I need them, and Today makes me laugh and feel healthy. Today listens to me, and I listen to Today. Today has time for me, and even though lots of things are going on, has five minutes to spare to share with me all the happenings. I love Today.

I expect you all to dance at our wedding.

So why is today so wonderful? Well, for once I'm healthy and actually was able to go out and do things! I got my jacket from Eddie Bauer, and it's WONDERFUL, long warm and exactly what I want. When I'm done with my scarf, it's gonna look GREAT with the jacket. Methinks my jacket needs a name....

Also, I met up with Timmy and we sauntered around UpTown, looking at all the oh-so-chic stores with wonderful furniture and everything. It was fabulous. We had lunch at a wonderful little bar in Calhoun Square. I then dropped him off back at his house, only after borrowing one of his dance club CDs. My GOD does club music fit well with high way driving!

After Timmy, I went over to Expresso 22 and had a WONDERFUL time with MA, where she proceeded to spank me ROYALLY at Scrabble, even though my first word was a bingo word worth 70 points. Bugger that! It was a fabulous time, despite the spanking (or maybe because of the spankings :-P ), and there was much discussions of life, writing, the importance of a good character name, and how wonderful Minneapolis is. Oh, and I think I'm going to start making little tiny bags filled with rocks that has "for throwing at boys" embroidered on them. I think I could market these puppies.

Anyhoot, I think I'm gonna settle back with Today and watch the Twins whoop ass against the Yankees.
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