October 9th, 2003

Dr. Bunny

Stupid Psychotic LOTR Fans


I should have camped out last night on the stoop of SouthDale theaters in order to get tickets. I should have gone with my cousins Guido and Vido and made little "arrangements" with the managment. I should have stood in line then screamed out "OH MY GOD LOOK! THERE'S PETER JACKSON!" then moved to the front of the line. Or just let loose a pack of trained naked mole rats to cause mass confusion.

The manager of the SouthDale theaters is going to wake up to a horse's head in his bed. Mark my words.

Now, I am willing to host a LOTR party at my apartment. We can watch the extended DVDs then scurry off to see a showing of Return Of The King at a near by theater. I'm sure there's room in my apt for quite a few people, we can all bring snackie foods, pitch in for pizza or something, you get the idea. I know it's not quite the same, but it's still something....

In other news, things are going good, well, as good as they can be for a struggling author who has no job. On the plus side, I realise I do have a life, thanks to my multitude of friends. You guys rock my world. Also, my Joshie is coming to see me this weekend for my birthday! Plans for this weekend are that tomorrow Mike, Adam, Kaela and possibly Amy will scurry off to see a movie. Joshie arrives late friday night, and on Sat. we plan to pick up timmy and hang all over uptown, bake a cake using my new kitchen aide, possibly make dinner too, and just have a good time. Anybody who wants cake, give me a shout out! We all can sit and have cake and watch movies and be weird together.

Also, tomorrow is National Coming Out Day. I just want to give a big shout out to all my gay friends. It takes a lot of courage to come out, not just to your family and friends, but also to yourself. My gay friends have meant the world to me, you've taught me a lot and I love you all for it. I hope that someday you will recieve the equal rights you deserve. And until then, I will support you and always be there for you. No one has ever made me feel as pretty and loved as my gay boys. Thank you very much for being part of my life. *BIG WET SMOOSHY KISS*
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