October 21st, 2003

Dr. Bunny

Once again, I love boys who love boys

Had a FABULOUS day with Timmy. I seriously love that boy. We went to Torrid to find some clubbing clothes for me to wear to BIG's dance this friday. I got this absolutely adorable black shirt that has chains instead of straps and shows off my shoulders something nice. This means that they are gonna be nibbled. I'm not complaining.

I also found some damn sexy pants. The only problem is that my legs are too damn short, so Timmy's gonna hem them for me. This is the first time I've found a pair of black pants that look GOOD on me, and they really really do. I'm such a silly girl.

So basically Nick and I are either gonna go as vamps, or if he can find the nessicary items, we'll go as Death and Dream. All I have to find is top hat, black eyeliner, and an ankh. But I have the fangs to go as a vampire. Of course, if my shoulders are gonna get nibbled, biting back will be an interesting task.

In other news, the trip to Green Bay this weekend went well. It was good to see people again, and it wasn't as confusing as last time, so that's a GOOD thing. Also, the drive there and back was made like, A HELL OF A LOT BETTER with the addition of captainmplanet and lytledebbi. Good conversations and a lot of "IN MY PANTS" which makes the four hour drive so much better.

My girls did a great job in Homecoming, even if we did get the shaft and didn't place in anything. But they did fabulous, which what's important. And they made a lasting impression by whipping and stripping Squeak on stage. It was great.
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