October 23rd, 2003

Dr. Bunny

Behold The Power of Zipcodes!

So today was my day for auto stuff.

I needed insurance for my car, and since my family has had good luck with Progressive, I found an agent who supported them. I found the office in this dingy little building. The guy was armed with his laptop and was awfully nice. He took my information, typed it up, then got a bit worried when I told him that I do live in Minneapolis. He told me that Minneapolis has HORRIBLE insurance rates. When the quote came, it was almost half of what he thought it would be.


Because I live in a 55416 zipcode, rather than 55406 or 08. He told me if I lived about four or some odd blocks over, my insurance would be well over $1,000. So, go team me for living on the outskirts of the city. I RAWK.

So after my insurance fun, I scurried over to the DMV to get my vehicle registered. That actually didn't take too long, and now I have my plates. All I have to do now is have my mom send me my pass port so I can get my frikken drivers lisences. Which I have to take a written exam for. Hopefully I remember all that stuff from taking the test SIX YEARS AGO!

In other news, I did some laundry, cleaned up a smidge, and went to coffee with a plague infested MA who is very amusing when delerious with a fever (I love you MA!). Now I just need to pack for my fabulous weekend of molestation in green bay, also known as the festering cesspool that claims it's civilization. In the meantime, I'm rotting my brain away by watching I Love The 80s.
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