November 11th, 2003

Dr. Bunny

Oh the glory of old records

Have a fun few minutes and browse the following site: Bizarre Records

So far, my favorite has to be "Fitness for teens," circa 1950s/60s. The following is from the insert:
How To Pick A Husband And A Wife
Convertibles wear out and make up washes off. Check your future partner for something that won't do either...a good body.
The boy must have square shoulders. If he's all dropped over, he's going to be too tired to be a husband.
Next, look at his mid-section. If that's gently rounded, he's sedentary. That means he is a likely candidate for a heart attack. American women live an average of eight lonely years longer than their husbands.
Finally, look at his seat as he walks away. If it's soft and squichy, he's not for you.
Fellows, you marry a girl, not a girdle. If she has to be held together, in and up with rubber bands, she has made a poor start which can only get worse with each succeeding baby.
If her seat looks like nervouse pudding, she's soft. Not nice soft...ickey soft. In a short time there will be more of it...and sideways.
If that seat looks like cement in a barrel, that's nervous pudding in a girdle.
Your best bet is a cheer leader, gymnast, dancer, athlete, or tomboy (the latter won't make sissies of your boys).