November 19th, 2003

Dr. Bunny


And he is the sweetest thing EVER. Just a doll of a cat.

Kaela, Steph and I went down to the shelter to see if the siamese was still there. Unfortuantly, Lord Byron had already been adopted, but instead we found "Omni" (name will most likely be changed).

Omni is a HUGE four year old black cat. He has a little splotch of white on his chest, and two little white toes. And yes, he his GIANORMOUS. He's close to 17lbs, but he's the sweetest thing ever. He came right up to me when he was in his cage, and I petted him and coaxed him onto my lap (he didn't like being picked up at first). We then took him into a little room to get to know him better, and he's just plain sweet. Not too much of a talker, but he did voice his opinion about how small his cat carrier was.

Right now he's currently under my bed, but when we first got him home he made himself quite comfy. Didn't hide really, but scoped out the joint. He managed to jump onto my bed (at his size, that's amazing) and just spread out like he owned it (I have a feeling he probably will).

So MAD THANKS to Kaela and Steph who helped me pick out my precious kitty. They will also watch him for me while I'm away for thanksgiving. I am looking forward to spending time with him and getting to know him. Once I get my cable to hook up my camera to my computer, you can bet I will post pictures and take a poll on what I should name him :)