December 5th, 2003

Dr. Bunny

Salt Tears and Brine

Mary Rose and I are forming a band. We're called "Pickles and Papaya" and our album title is Tossed Salad. We're classified as folk angsty techno girl music with a hiphop twist. So far, this is the play list:

Eat Me Like There's No Tomorrow
Salt Tears and Brine
The Ballad of Street Corner Easy
Rock DJ (cover)
Open Me
Serve Me in Slices
You and Me and a Bottle of Gin
Drowned in Vinegar
Toss Baby Salad My

Of course, because MR (known now as Pickles) and myself (Papaya) have no song writing talents, would anybody like to take a shot at writing some of the lyrics to these songs?
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