December 11th, 2003

Dr. Bunny

Suggestions Suggestions!

First off, Kelly and I went to Cub and we both got our christmas trees! Mine is already up and decorated with lights and ornaments (I'll probably be writing something later on about the christmastree tradition and such, it really means a lot to me). We then went to Denny's, met up with Randy, and had a grand old time.

But ANYWAYS, as my title says, I need some suggestions! My old roommates Sarah and Alli are coming to see me this weekend. They will be here on Friday night and stay 'til monday morning. My question is, where all should I take them, they have never really been to Minneapolis before, and since I've only been here for a short time, I don't know all the nifty places to go.

I know for sure that we're going to the Mall of America, but after that, I don't know! I was thinking if it's not too cold to go to the sculpture gardens, and I want to try to drag them to SexWorld (if any of my readers know Alli, you know how hilarious this would be).

So, any suggestions?
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