December 30th, 2003

Think Different


I just got a paid account!

I just uploaded a bunch of new icons!

I can't wait to fiddle around with the layout of my journal!

Pearl, you so need to show me how to make animated icons!

Yay for me! Now it's off to clean my apartment and run A TON of errands. If anybody needs me, please call my cell!

*happy sigh*

Today has been a good day.

I ran errands like a mofo. Went to the bank, went to St. Sabrina's and made my appointment to get my tongue pierced (Friday at 1pm, shhh, don't tell my mother!), went and got got food and litter for Sasha, along with a harness collar, then went to Target and got all manner of things to help me get ready for tomorrow night, of which I am VERY excited about :)

After the massive errands were run, I came home, tidied up, then went to The Outpost with Randy. It's a really great little store, reminds me a lot of bizarro world back in Davis. I saw all the wonderful games that I really should own, such as "Lord of the Fries," "Apples to Apples," "Settlers of the Catan," and numerous others. And as wonderful as the Outpost is, it can never take the place of my DreamHaven (sorry Randy, but you'll have to come and see it. I'll drag you to UpTown so you can fully appreciate the wonder that is DreamHaven).

We then scurried off to Denny's and had wonderful food and conversation. Hey Kelly - I saw our favorite asian server! Anyhoot, we shared great drunken stories and memories of highschool pass. Good time was had by all :)

Anyways, I'm home, just got out of the tub where I soaked for a good long time in my new peablossom bubble bath. I listened to my ipod, I shaved my legs, I am now feeling nice and silky and very comfy in my new pj bottoms. I'm debating now if I should continue to clean and put away (my apt isn't THAT messy, but I just can't clean for long periods of time), or sit and fiddle with my LJ while watching movies. Hmmm....choices choices choices...

Either way, I can't wait for tomorrow night. Randy and I are gonna look FABULOUS :)
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