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I was in a baking mood tonight. I don't know why. When I came home and started chatting to people, this strange idea of baking came creeping into my mind, whispering naughty things about eggs, butter, chocolate and flour.

I asked my friend Zack what I should make - chocolate chip cookies or oatmeal raisin? He responded with "brownies."

"Brownies??" I replied. "I don't have a recipe for brownies!"

"You have the internet at your finger tips!" he typed back. "USE IT, WOMAN!"

"But ANYONE can post a brownie recipe on line! How do I know they will be good? I could be lead down a dark path of evil brownies, baked with all the hatred of SATAN! I don't want satanic brownies."

So using the magic of the interwebs, I searched for a recipe for brownies by my main man, Alton Brown.

This is what I found.

These ARE Satan's brownies. They are dark, rich, and you'll need a glass of milk just by LOOKING at them.

I think I need to go to confession...
satanic brownies, huh? are you sure you used cocoa and not BRIMSTONE???? MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!