May 8th, 2004

Dancing Gir

LiveJournal is a Cult

And this is why I love it.

I went to a party tonight hosted by alexlucard. It was interesting because it was the first LJ gathering I've ever attended, and it was also the first time I went to a party where I knew no one. I was kinda nervous at first; while I'm extroverted, I'm also kind of shy. However, I think we all meshed fairly well and good times were had.

Such as:
Actually meeting alexlucard who I've only known through LJ
Debating merits and flaws of LoTR with eowynmn
Having some VERY girly moments with eowynmn and saltygoodness
Finding out that whiptcracker lived in Sacramento for a while
Discussing the joys that are Texans withdonovan_love
Helping spawn the idea of a Minneapolis Kareokee LJ Community.

I know I'm leaving some people out, and I'm awfully sorry, but it's amazing that I remembered as many as I did.

It's exciting meeting new people, especially people who I have no real connection with other than friends of friends of friends of people I've never met. Yay for LJ cults!



BUT - I think I've convinced him to try to come out for graduation next weekend, so if I see him there, everything will be good.

Having a great day today. The world is falling into place and this makes me happy.

Also, not working on a saturday makes me happy.


Kings lost.

The wolves pratically GAVE them the game. They handed it to them on a silver platter. King's where all like "This game is to rare! TAKE IT BACK TO THE KITCHEN!"

Fuck you Kings. Honestly.