I got my internet access back. Yay! I'm connected with the world again!

The move went well with MUCH thanks to Adam, Mike, Brian, Kelly, Randy, Speedy, and Cowbell (other Kelly). THe place is still in shambles, but it's slowly taking shape.

Other things are going on, but I need some thinking before I can post anything about it, and I probably won't post about it at all because it's something I need to take care of on my own. What do you do to gain karma? I think I'm going to be doing some vollenteere work soon.

And before I forget - I have my first poll!

Adam and I have this debate going on about Neil Gaiman. Personally, I find Mr. Gaiman a very attractive man, both intellectually and physically. Adam says that he's not all that hot at all, and looks a lot like an old professor of ours. So please, help us finish this debate!
Poll #303870 Help Finish The Debate

Is Neil Gaiman Physically Hot?

Yes - Neil Gaiman is the fire that ignites my loins. They burn for him.
Yes - but I'm not about to jump his bones or anything
Sorta - I'm more attracted to his intelligence
No - sorry, he just doesn't make the cut
SWEET JESUS NO! That would be like lusting after my father! EW!

EDIT: If you have no clue what Mr. Gaiman looks like, here are some pitures: