Gopher State let me go today due to my accumulation of tardies. THey did warn me, but only after I had already a hefty amount. I did my best not to go over on my breaks, but if you are one minute over that counts and it didn't help with my stress levels in May with all the calls I had to make to my realtor/bank/loan officer.

They don't like the policy much either because they didn't want to see me go.

All I have to say is: Shit.

I mean, granted, I didn't like the job all that much and I wanted to find a new one, but looking for a job is MUCH easier when you HAVE job. It's the sense of security (and the paycheck). I mean, I have a mortgage to pay now, I can't not have a job.

So I've already updated my resume and have sent it off to a few place (things such as telemarketing (GAG!) and secretarial and office work).

I even called the place that alexlucard posted.

Oh joy. I get to do the whole job search over again. yay me.