July 5th, 2004

Dr. Bunny

Home Again

Good weekend was had up north, except that somebody forgot to hang out the rosary and it was rainy and foggy and damp for most of the weekend.

I got up to Duluth around 10:30am. It was a nice drive, quick and no worries. Sunny too! It was still sunny when I got to Westwood and after a bit of chit chatting we all went down to the lake and had a small picnic lunch. My Aunts Sharon and Marilyn and I then moseyed down Canal st to the antique stores looking for a lid for the tea pot Sharon got at the hite family picnic. It was just beautiful weather but I was glad to have brought my sweatshirt.

Afterwards we all went back to Westwood where we talked, did crosswords, took naps, then had a relaxing dinner. Afterwards, many hands of skipbo were played, which soon turned into Spit and Malice (some people were more spiteful than others).

Sunday rolled around (as well the rain clouds) and we went to church at St. Ben's. We had a 20 word Homily but it was nice (when faced with your own personal demons, you should revearly say the name of Jesus. Not, as my aunt Marilyn would do, shout it out loud so that world could hear). We then went down to brunch at Westwood then wandered back upstairs. Grandma got a call from a lady downstairs that they had heard me singing and asked if I would help lead the patriotic sing-a-long. There was a resident who had lived in Two Harbors and played the organ for many churches down there and she was now leading a small prayer/singing thing. So we all went down and I sang "America the Beautiful" for around 12 or so nice eldery folks.

I think I did an okay job.

Anyways, the rain came and the fireworks were cancled. We played more cards and watched the national fireworks on PBS.

I left early this morning and came home to Sasha telling me that under no circumstances am I ever to leave home for a weekend EVER AGAIN.

Anyways, that was my weekend, how was yours?