Marriage Protection Act Blocked by Senate

I feel that this just goes to show that the system does work. The Marriage Protection Act didn't pass. Despite the fact that it was backed by the white house and that republicans hold the majority in the senate.

Republicans had hoped to win at least a simple majority in favor of proceeding with the amendment but were thwarted when six of their own colleagues joined all but three Democrats in voting to scuttle the measure without a vote on its substance.

I applaud those 6 republicans for voting how they felt, not just with their party. Likewise, too, for the 3 democrats.

According to the article, the act may now move to the house of reps. Hopefully it will have the same results. To put something like this in the constitution is an abuse of what it was set up to be. The constitution was set up to help us maintain our rights, not to take those rights away.

"No one wants to discriminate against gays," responded Judiciary Committee Chairman Orrin G. Hatch (R-Utah). "Simply put, we want to preserve traditional marriage."

Fine - Churches all over the USA can refuse to marry people. The State has a responsibility to provide equal rights to all of our citizens. The State cannot refuse to grant these people civil unions.

I would rather have a civil union if it meant that my gay friends could have the same rights I do.

The Government is not to teach morality. It should bolster civic duty, but it should not determine who's morals are correct and who's are wrong. I think EVERYBODY needs to realize this. The government doesn't have to say that homosexuality is right, it doesn't have to say that it's wrong. We have the responsibility to make that desicion on our own. But the government does need to provide for the rights of its people.