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I think the interview today went pretty well. Both the Office Manager and the Branch Manager interviewed me. They asked what kinds of skills I had and what I really enjoyed doing. I may not have a lot of experience, but I think that they realize my potential for learning.

I told them about what I did at Gopher State, what I did working as a lab consultant, and even told them about UYB and Electric Company. They were glad to know that I have some (while limited) background in computers (to all of my computer savvy friends, THANK YOU! Simply by being in close proximity to you guys has helped me understand the jargon. Just the fact that I had even heard of C++ and Linux made their eyes light up (of course, I think someone would have to have been living under a ROCK not to know those things, but still)).

We laughed about resumes and a joke I made ended up being exactly the right thing to say. It was how "feeding the cat" turns into "facilitated in animal care and maintenance." The wording is what they want me to do.

They had me do a writing sample thingy, basically they wanted to see if I could, in fact, doctor a resume. I was nervous and I don't know if I did it the way they wanted. I didn't get a sample of what they normally have, so I didn't know exactly what they wanted. I can only hope that it is, in fact, what they want. *crosses fingers*

So I emailed them my references when I got home and hopefully they will call me back soon. I think they were impressed and I will probably *crosses her crosssed fingers* get a call back from them. The next step would be an interview with the rest of the staff to see how I would get along with them, and then it would be a phone interview with the owner of the company (who lives in Florida. No, they won't send me there, and he won't come here, so phone it is).

Overall, it should take a week or so for this process to go through. I will keep everybody posted on how it's going! Thanks for the good thoughts :)

On a side note - the interview was in the same complex as a temp agency (I think) I went to last year when I was looking for work.
Hey guys - I'm headed off to my interview with Omni Resources! Pleeeeeeeeease think good thoughts for me! I love you all!

And like that *poof* she was gone...