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So for the past few months I've been playing Kingdom of Loathing.

I'm level 13 right now and have finished the quests available. RIght now my only challenge is to see how much meat I can get from my store (Aardvark's Antiquities) and give it to the clan (The Penis Farmers and Savage Nipple Danglers). Within 3 days of starting the clan we have a full gym, a meat tree and a calendar. Much thanks goes out to my clan mates who have been building me things to sell (Familiars sell like hot cakes, so does anything that takes effort to build like clockwork maids or detective skulls).

Right now I'm nervously checking my store almost every hour, making sure no one's undercutting me, changing prices, donating it all to my clan.

I am a sad sad SAD individual. I REALLY need that job at Omni.
I just came home from my second interview and I think it went REALLY well.

I first met with Thera whom I talked with during my first interview. She handed me an original essay and then the doctored version in the template that Omni Resources use. I looked it over and felt "Yes, I could definitely do this!"

The next step was meeting with Bob and Travis, two of the recruiters at Omni. They asked me some questions about Gopher State and callers. They also asked about my communication skills and things I did in college. They asked me how an English Major ended up getting a job working at a Computer Help Desk. I told them what I did, and how the questions that were asked really weren't that hard (how do you attach a document to an email? How do I save this folder onto my disk?). In turn, I asked them the $60,000 question of "What would you expect of me if I were to be hired?" The answer: A positive attitude and flexibility. Both of which I have :)

After Bob and Travis I met with Sue and John who work more in admin and accounts. Many of the same questions were asked and answered, and they both stressed the importance of being positive, polite and flexible. Really, I'm Gumby on Prozac.

Throughout all the interviews, Thera stayed to listen and to see how I interacted with the people. I think I handled myself very well. I tried to show a level of professionalism while still letting my bubbly personality shine through. I wanted them to know that I can be polite and fun, but also serious when it is needed.

Thera said she would call me on Friday to let me know what is going to happen next. They still have a few more people to talk to. If I make it to the next round, I would have a phone interview with the HEAD HONCHO who lives in Florida.

Overall - I think it went really really well. I feel confidant that I am what Omni is looking for and I hope that I hear from them soon.

Thanks to everybody for their positive thoughts! I totally felt it over here :)