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Courtesy of my brother Tom

Squirrel vs. Man...Squirrel wins
The Cake concert is the same weekend as SNC's homecoming.

Now, I really want to go to Homecoming and Support my girls, plus it's a great time to catch up with everybody and have a good drunken time. I can also probably carpool with folks here in minneapolis.

But Cake doesn't tour all that often, and I have missed them 2 years in a row. Last year I couldn't find anybody to go with me, and the year before I missed them playing back in Davis by TWO DAYS.

I think I'm going to go see Cake anyway. I'll be up to SNC for EC's dance and possibly BIGs, when ever they are. And while I'd REALLY love to see my girls kick ass and get neglected like they normally do, THIS IS CAKE! CAAAAAAAAAAAKE!!!!!!!

Any suggestions from folks out there?