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I just dropped $40 on the iTMS.


I'm going to bed...
So The House voted to make Oak the National Tree.

Because, you know, we need a national tree. We have a national bird, and that bird needs a place to rest and everything. We also have a national flower and how could we have a flower without a tree?

But why stop there? States have offical EVERYTHING, not just birds or flowers. I believe the State Muffin of Minnesota is the Blueberry Muffin. Oaklahoma's state percussive musical instrument is the drum. I think we should take some time and really think about what we want our official icons to be.

Here's what we have so far:
National Anthem: Star Spangled Banner (I would prefer "America the Beautiful")
National Bird: The Bald Eagle
National Flower: The Rose
National March: Stars and Stipes Forever
National Motto: In God We Trust

What we could have:
National Mammal
National Reptile
National Fish
National Parasite
National Meal
National Sport
National Drug of Choice

What national symbol do you think we should add to the ever growing list?