I'm home.

And I've never felt so lost before.

I have a lot to think about.

The vacation was amazing. I still have some pictures that I need to upload. Arizona, despite the rain, was beautiful. The desert was green. I got rained on while hiking.

I see the lightning from the storm down in Mexico
And I see my speedometer doesn't work
I cross the desert and disappear into the tumbleweeds
I tip the bottle and bite the lime

Grad school, job search, life altering desicions, where am I going? Why am I not content? There just has to be something else, something more.

There ain't no moral to this story at all
Anything I tell you very well could be a lie
There ain't no morals to these stories at all
And everything I tell you, you can bet will be a lie
I been away from the living, I don't need to be forgiven
I'm just waiting for that cold black sun-cracked numb-inside soul of mine
to come alive

I'm lost...and I need someone to find me. Will this month EVER end?