1) I kicked ass as a booth babe today. I was the messiah of trade shows.

2) "The Headphonist" by Kinky = so awesome. When I heard it on the radio today the guy sounded so much like John McCrea that I was confused. I know all the songs he's done. But then I looked it up and wow, so good. Everybody, go get Kinky.

3) Fell of the beach because I could find nothing - NOTHING - in the convention center that I could eat. Fuckers. Back on tomorrow.

4) 9 hours of work today means I'll go home early on Friday. Boo. Yah.

5) Is a making good mixed CD the same as writing a letter? Should a mixed CD be listened to all the way through or is it acceptable to jump around? Are you saying more about the person you make the CD for, or is it more of a reflection of your own self? How egotistical is making a CD? Discuss.

Off to Pearl's for crocheting and housey goodness.


[edit] Know why I thought it was John McCrea on "The Headphonist"? Yeah, that's because it IS John McCrea. I know his voice like I know the sound of my own name. The rest of Kinky's stuff is amazing though, even without John.