Today was a crabby day at work. Our phones weren't working for most of it, and seeing how all our work is done on the phones, it was frustrating as all get out.

Then I had to do contractor calls. I am going to get Kevin and Cassandra to show me how they milk their normal work load so they don't have to do them.

Sometimes I hate being a girl.

On the plus side:
  • Tai Chi is one of the best things to ever happen to me.
  • My pants are looser.
  • I have the cutest hat in the world.
  • My tattoo got touched up.

On the down side:
  • I feel deep pangs of guilt when I accidently kill my Pikmin. I go down in the caves with 70, and come back with six. It wouldn't be so bad but they SCREAM WHEN THEY DIE.
  • We're in for a cold snap
  • I murmur when I should speak up, and speak up when I have nothing to say