Four Jobs
Movie Theater Usher: Best summer job I ever had. Free movies, free posters, air conditioned work enviroment, great employees. Some late nights but gernerally a great time.
Operator for Gopher State One Call: At times sucky, at times fun. First job out of college. The problem was that I started dreaming A LOT about work.
Office Administrator: Was nice at first but the corporate world started to EAT MY SOUL.
CSR for Tubs, Inc: As of now, the nicest job I've had. Great staff, not too stressful, and they have me doing some sales which is a lot of fun.

Four Movies I can watch any time
LA Story: There are few movies I can completely quote. This is one of them. I simply love it.
Garden State: This movie speaks to me on a billion levels. And the soundtrack is the soundtrack to my life.
Moulin Rouge: One of the best movie musicals of our time.
Night of the Living Dead: Zombies. That's all I have to say.

Four places I want to live
Monterey, CA: This is quite possibly the only place in the world where I could live completely alone yet still be totally happy.
San Francisco, CA: Next year for sure.
Somewhere in the South: Maybe it's all the southern literature I've read, but I just want to see what it's like.
Dublin, Ireland: It just sounds like fun.

Four TV Shows I love
Lost: It's been sucky as of late, but I love it to peices
Law and Order (of varying types): I'm a sucker for it. I really am.
The Simpsons: The catapulting bunny is the funniest thing in the world.
House: I love sardonic doctors. Did you know he's actually British?

Four Places I've vacationed
Northern Minnesota
Phoenix/Tucson, AZ
Sydney, AU
All the states west of the Mississippi River

Four of my Favorite Dishes
Pork chops 'n rice
Tortolinni in alfredo sauce
A nice deep dish pizza

Four Sites I Visit Daily
Live Journal
My Various WebComics

Four Places I'd rather be right now
Green Bay, WI visiting friends whom I haven't seen in months
Chicago, IL visiting friends whom I haven't seen in years
Monterey, CA searching through the tide pools
Back in bed with my cats and a book

I taaaaaaaaaaaaaag.............spitfiresnc, amaresu, chaos_ensues, gygaxis aaaaaaand....deeprizendragon. Yeah.

Now Im off to put the computer away and get ready for Cleveland! (which I am now pronouncing as "c-level-and"