February 6th, 2006

Sleep Bunny - Lem

"It's like you belong to someone else"

Until I flew over, I never knew that eastern Minnesota/western Wisconsin had so much topography. Rivers ate deep grooves into the hills to meet up with larger rivers to meet up with the Mississippi. Groves of trees lined the edges, giving the terrain the feathered, winding look of the human brain. All those cars down below were like synapses, sending out messages to other parts, expanding outwards, farther than I could see.

I have no idea what Cleveland feels like, and for all intents and purposes, I could be in any city, in any state, anywhere in the US. I'm actually in a suburb not far from the airport and I-X Center. "So this is Marysburg Heights..." I told Joe as he drove us to the grocery store. "Yeah," he said. "Looks a lot like St. Louis Park." Looks a lot like any suburb town, same houses, same roads, no feeling or spark. I know I've moved, but it doesn't feel like I went anywhere.

The first day of the show has gone alright, if not mind numbingly boring. For the first hour and a half, Joe let me walk around, and I feverishly took pictures of anything that I found remotely interesting or pertained to the photohunt I've been on. The show is not as grand as the website made it out to be (which is normal, I suppose), but it still interesting. The last time I was in Ohio was the summer of '96 when we drove my older brother to college. Guarding the doors of many houses were stone geese, dressed by middleaged housewives whose children would not sit still, or grandmothers who really wanted girls but only had boys. I found a display of these geese, complete with a bevy of outfits. The next fad, however, is faces for your trees made from resin.

I walked through the model homes (not that impressive) and through the gardens that were piping in bird sounds that made me jump, looking for the poor trapped songbird stuck in the building. The row that we were in was the arts and crafts showdown, with knick knacks and paddywhacks of all shapes and sizes. People swarmed them like ants, grabbing all the little $3 dogs made from dried up puffer fish they could get their hands on.

And oh - the people watching. I tried to discretely take as many pictures as I could of the folks who come to this show. Perhaps tomorrow I will write more about them, but as for now, I'm ready to go to bed. I'm bored to tears. I went to the work out room and walked for a half hour because I needed to do something productive. Cake makes excellent walking music and at last I feel somewhat better.