March 21st, 2006

Dr. Bunny

Some News

1) We are now 1 person short at work. I have mixed feelings about this. On one hand, I will be a lot less stressed. I really didn't like her work ethic or her attitude. On the other hand, I feel bad that perhaps my negative attitude was a contributing factor to her leaving. I feel like I should have done more as a team player to work with her in finding positive ways to improve her work ethic. In part- I feel responsible and that I should have done more and not let it get under my skin. But when she sits there doing nothing, or complaining so much, it belittles the work that I do. So - I won't have to deal with that. Just my good old fashion catholic guilt.

2) I have my Keller Williams ticket!! In two weeks he will be in Minneapolis. I plan to take the bus to work and then walk to the concert. I'll bus it back home when I'm done. I'm so excited - I loved his last concert and I am so looking forward to dancing with the crowd. There's something so free about dancing around with a bunch of hippies and just being another person lost in the music.

3) I love the convience of Block E. I met Mike there after work and we decided to go see Find Me Guilty. I knew nothing of the movie, but it was the only one playing that I sort of wanted to see. I mean, it has Vin Deisel, which means that it could easily suck or just be not bad. In turn, it was a decent movie that had a feeling of a stage play. Of course, it also had an aura of Vin being "I'M A SERIOUS ACTOR DAMNIT!!" But in the end, it was a decent movie. And going to see movies with Mike means that even if it's bad we're still going to have a good time.

4) My back has been all fonked up as of late. I blame the drunken yoga antics of 2 weeks ago. Right now I have a knot on my mid back that feels like a fist slapping me in the kidney. I am sure that it is NOT my kidney, but my muscles. Heat packs and advil for this girl.

5) The skyways of Minneapolis are the coolest thing in the world. There's something so other worldly about them. As Mike and I walked back to our parking garage, I commented on how much I like the sound of echoing footsteps. I swear - the designers of the skyways made sure that there would be lots of passages with hard floors and big walls so that as you walk at 9pm, in buildings that are for the most part shut down, you instinctually feel like you're in a Resident Evil game.

6) I am now in the process of reading Nothing Feels Good: Punk Rock, Teenagers, and Emo by Andy Greenwald. Mike said it might teach me a little bit about music history, a little bit about my emo friends, and maybe - just maybe - a little bit about myself. So far, it's a good read. I read the first chapter while in the bath tonight. I also have "Temptress" on my list of books to read, a story of "evil women" through out mythology. My coworker Sonya loaned it to me and said it's fantastic. I hope that it's not TOO feminist in nature, not that there's anything wrong with feminism, but just that I have an aversion towards anything that is too extreme in belief. My whole stance on feminism is that I never felt that the world was giving me the short end of the stick simply because I was a female. I never knew that what I was doing was amazing or empowering or different until it's brought up that I'm a woman. To which I respond "so? Why should that matter? We're all human."

7) I suppose this has gone on long enough. So I'll stop.
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