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As seen on multiclassgeek

1. Randomly pick a song from your music library.
2. Find the lyrics for the a suitably-sized chunk of the song.
3. Go to Google Translation and translate the lyrics from English into German.
4. Take the new German lyrics and translate them into French.
5. Take the new French lyrics and translate them into English.
6. Post the NEW English lyrics and have people guess the original song.

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#4 New Slang captainhandsome
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Five is enough for me, or do we want to play some more?
So my summer is saved by the fact that Project Runway is starting up July 12th.

I should have been in bed an HOUR ago but Bravo is showing the final episode again, and I have to watch.

My one question is: How many people died in order for Debra Messing to be considered Fashion Savvy enough to be a final judge? I mean, seriously, what is on her resume that says "I am a fashion GODDESS." Last season they had Parker Posey, who is involved in the fashion world. Messing's claim seems to be only the fact she's on a show surrounded by gay men. Obviously, this = fashion!

I can't wait for the new season. It will either be totally awesome or it will have fallen victim to the Reality Show Sterotypes. We'll have another Santino, another Wendy Peppercorn, the token straight man. I love watching the first season of a reality show. It's so new, everybody feels liek they can do anything because hey - it hasn't been done before, no one knows what the judges want, let's make this count. It's why I love the first season of America's Next Top Model. It's why I think that 2nd season of Project Runway was a let down - everybody played it safe because they wanted to stay in so badly.

I hope that 3rd season will show more people taking risks and having fun. And I have NO idea who they'll get for their final judge. 10 bucks says Al Gore.