November 9th, 2006

Dr. Bunny

Life has gotten crazy

My jury duty summons is in two weeks and is screwing things up hardcore at work. And it hurts my wallet. $40 a day for two weeks? SCREW THAT. Goddamn civic privilege. 8 hours a day sitting around, hoping that my group gets called. For two weeks. Want. To. Die.

My cousin's wedding is this weekend in the DC area. I was going to wear the same dress I wore for Adam and Kaela's wedding, but I didn't get it to a dry cleaner's in time and now because of the weight I've lost, it looks hella baggy. So I could wear the Santino-ish dress, because it still fits and looks nice. But mum says that this is going to be a mad fancy wedding (even in a barn). Guys will be in tuxedos and mum's breaking out grandma Bridge's mink. So - I have a pretty blue ball gown dress I bought about five years ago that I've worn twice and now actually FITS like it's SUPPOSED to. I'm bringing both. But then I realize I have no real shoes. Fuck it. I'm wearing the blue dress and under it I will be wearing my $20 payless boots. I should buy a pair of fishnets. Just because.

WEIGH IN TODAY! I've lost another THREE POUNDS! Bringing me up to....

35.5 lbs!

What weighs 35.5 lbs?

This, um, sculpture...thing...made of soap stone...

A Contra Bass Clarinet! (I used to play one in highschool and college)

And a fish

Helped a friend with his essay for college and have learned more about osteopathic medicine. It's pretty interesting.