So, lo_bot asked "hey - when do we get to see pictures?" the answer is: Now. This will be my first comparison picture share. I kind of wish I was doing something like The Pasta Queen did, making sure she gets full pictures at majorish mile stones, but this is the best that I can do. Besides, we all look so GOOD in these photos!

Here are my parents, my brother Tom, and myself at Tom's wedding, June 11th; five months ago and 3 months before I started New Direction:

Here are the four of us again at Mike and Jessi's wedding, November 11th; 10 weeks into New Direction and 36ish pounds lighter:

I think I can see a difference. I should also try to round up pics of me the two other times I've worn that dress: once in December of 2001, and once on New Years Eve, 2003.

Also: The wedding was AWESOME. As the capstone to my mad wedding season, it was a perfect end. I braided Mike's hair into a Legolas plait that turned out really nice. Jessi was amazingly beautiful. I danced the Hora for the first time. The Strand Clan started got the party started after dinner when we hit the dance floor with decent style and a fair amount of grace. I met a lot of nice and delightful people and a few contacts in San Francisco *sagely nods in the direction of pocket1.

Each of the five weddings I went to this year were unique to each couple and were all special. I feel so lucky to have experienced them all and wish all the happy new couples the best of years to come.