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So last night I was chatting with Lemur and I showed him this website and we had a merry time commenting on the pictures. Somehow it was decided that pics of him needed to be made like that.

So, without further ado, I present to you....

The Lemur Files!

Those are the only pics of Lemur I have. If you want, please share yours!
As I've stated before, the advent season has always been an important one for my family. It is a time for togetherness and preparation, for social dinners and always a yearly reminder to be more connected to God.

Every night we would have an advent dinner, a reading, a prayer, and light the advent wreath. I thank my parents for helping me realize that Christmas is not just a time for presents, but a much joyous time of love and family and reflection. Truly, I love the advent season the most.

Normally, my mom sends us out daily advent readings and meditations. Due to a very hectic work load, she has apologized to us that she may not be able to keep up, but has asked that we might volunteer to do it ourselves. She provided a site for us to follow the readings, here. This winter, I will do my best to read and write my own meditations. My brother will also be doing his meditations and, if interested, if you can read them here
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