December 9th, 2006

Dr. Bunny

Per previous entry

I've been pretty much cleaning all day and when I do that I end up thinking just random thing - that was one of the things I was thinking. I didn't really mean it as truth - but, rather, something I was contemplating while scrubbing my floors.

I should have thought before I typed because, really, it wasn't a statement but a question in my head.

Here's how I SHOULD have typed that:

"Does "pro-life" always mean "anti-choice?"

A break from the cleaning and a search on the net offers some ideas:
From Greg Staples: Pro-Life is not Anti-Choice/Pro-Choice is not Anti-Life

From Dave Armstrong: Pro-Life, Pro-Choice, Anti-Abortion, Anti-Choice: Definitional and Descriptive Fairness and Accuracy in the Abortion Debate, and Larger Implications

From Sazz: Pro-Choice/Pro-Life, Anti-Life/Anti-Choice

Wikipedia weighs in (always an unbiased opinion - right? Right?):
Pro Life
Pro Choice

From the Planned Parenthood Association of Edmonton:
Choice vs. Anti-Choice

Dana Williams has this observation: Analysis of the Commonplace Terms "Pro Life" and "Pro Choice"

Good Year for the Outlaw has Pro Life = Anti Choice

Pregnant Pause gives us this: What's in a name? Pro-Life, Pro-Choice

So - just a round of blogs, articles and comments. Some from credited sources, some from people just trying to figure it out. Me? I don't know how to answer that question, and after six hours of cleaning, I STILL don't know how to answer the question.
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