December 18th, 2006

Sleep Bunny - Lem

State of the Meg Address - End of the Year Wrap Up

  • I still have it
  • Everybody's hours are being cut
  • We may go down to 4 day work weeks.
  • Jen will be leaving at the end of January
  • CONCLUSION: I am on super ultra probation but I'm very happy my bosses are very understanding and forgiving.

  • Application = filled out
  • Letters of recommendation = completed and on their way to me
  • Personal Essay = DON'T ASK!
  • Writing Sample = I am such a hack (and my own worst critic)
  • Transcript = mailing request tomorrow
  • CONCLUSION: Everything should be out before the end of the year

  • Talk with my realtor and learn what my options are
  • get my house professionally cleaned so it's in perfect condition for showings
  • Schedule the DIAB to be picked up
  • Start making my lists of things I need to do in order to get my ass to California
  • CONCLUSION: I still have A LOT to do

  • I have awesome friends who love me no matter what weight I am, but support my choices to lose the weight by being so happy and helpful.
  • I have awesome friends who share with me ways to calm down and breathe again
  • I have awesome friends who believe in my potential, my skill and my ability
  • CONCLUSION: I have awesome friends. Period.