March 10th, 2007

Dancing Gir

I am made of AWESOME!

After a week from hell, today is actually a wonderful relief!

Tai Chi today was kick ass. Seriously kick ass. Sifu Ray told our review class that I had finished the sword form and I got a bit of an applause. I was rocking it pretty hardcore with my super awesome sword today. Then we practiced with a partner, learning where the slashes, chops, and stabs all went. It was fun to do the form but also to block the attacks.

In the solo form class, we learned more refinements on our hand positions, then did the 3rd section together. I've been taking notes in class for about the past month now. It brings a whole new level to both the solo and sword form.

As I was getting ready for class this morning, sifu Ray gave me a nice bag to carry my sword in, and Anita said to me "I was thinking about you earlier - I am really aggravated that you're leaving!!" I received another compliment on the essay that I wrote for our newsletter.

How can I leave this studio!??! It's so hard and I've made so many close connections. But who knows how long I will be gone for. The full MA/MFA program at New College is only two years long, and there IS a doctorate program in English at the U of M. Also - I'm not selling my place yet, either. Who knows where I'll be after New College. I have no idea what my next jumping off place will be. There is a good chance I will return after I finish my program, but a lot can happen in 2 years.

I had a dream yesterday that I was driving and I couldn't control my car. It was going to fast and my breaks weren't working. Subconscious much? Naaaah.