The Quilt Is Done.
Well, almost done. Done enough to count. What's left is to do that invisible stitch to seal the opening that I "birthed" my quilt through. I SUCK at that kind of stitching but my mom is awesome. She said she'd be glad to help.

My House Is Clean
Also not exactly true. I am busily preparing for my vacation to California (zomg 2 days) and for Pearl to house sit for me. Pearl will also drive me to the airport. Isn't Pearl AWESOME? Let's all give her a round of applause *crickets chirp* CLAP OR I'LL BEAT THE CLAPPING OUT OF YOU! *mad applause* Much better.

But yes - I have been cleaning. I have found every single white sock I have ever owned. I have thrown away underwear that doesn't fit anymore because my ass is no longer the size of a baby gorilla. Someday I am going to write the obituary for my bum which, sad but true, has almost completely disappeared (also a fabrication).

I have been productive
This is COMPLETELY true. I have three apartment viewings and two interviews with temp companies lined up for my visit to SF. I have posted my resume on I have been in contact with people from back home. Almost everybody is on Spring Break next week, so it should be pretty awesome.

I am NOT freaking out
Well, not yet anyways.