I'm having a good day today.

I'm having a wonderful week.

I wish I could type better, but having a finger out of commission makes things difficult.

But I'm still a hardcore rockstar super diva. I don't need bling 'cause you can see my glow.

I found out that the company I interviewed with, and gave Kevin's resume to, thinks that I'm a superstar. Oh yeah.

I went to the skills class yesterday and the weight loss class today and the instructor thinks I'm just a wonderful and insightful person. Booyah.

I weighed in at their office today and I've lost FIVE WHOLE POUNDS! Even when traveling! I think it was all the walking/dancing/hiking I've done these past few days.


Holy carp people. Can you believe it? Can *I* believe it? I'm five pounds away from my original goal and 4 pounds away from being under 200lbs. I'll be well into the 190s by the time I move out here. I'm a super star.

Here's a picture of me and Adam being hardcore at Adam and Kaela's wedding, RIGHT BEFORE I started the diet (we're talking two days here):

As you can see, we're totally hardcore.

HOWEVER! Here's a pic of me taken JUST TODAY! At my glorious weight of 203.5lbs:

Hardcore? Yes. Rockstar? You bet. Super diva? Is there any doubt?

And, as not to disappoint, here's a 95lbs (43kg, actually) fish:

Do you KNOW how frikken HEAVY a shark actually is?!?!?!?! I've been looking and I'd have to lose almost TWICE as much to even reach a picture of a shark. If you guys want to start seeing shark pictures, you better help me find smaller sharks!