October 14th, 2007

Sleep Bunny - Lem

Headed Homewards

God bless the Vegas airport for having free wireless. More airports need to do this and I find it shocking that Vegas of all places is offering something for, you know, FREE. I'm amazed and know not what to say. *is speechless*

I have about an hour and a half before my flight leaves. Most of my pictures are uploaded to Zorya and I just need to upload them to facebook for your viewing enjoyment. There's a lot of pictures of buildings, some of my and Carolyn, and regretfully, only one of our group all dolled up (for the record, we all looked HAWTT).

Vegas is a sensory overload and I realize that I can't be removed from reality for long periods of time. This is not to say that I didn't enjoy my trip - I DID! (90% naked australian men FTW) it's just that I found that I couldn't allow myself to get into the fantasy mindset of the strip. The most fun I had was walking around the mostly empty casinos at 2 in the morning when people are either asleep or at clubs.

I couldn't willingly suspend my disbelief along the strip. I felt like I was walking along a sound stage for the whole time - the giant looming casinos were so obviously fake to me and I wasn't buying it - I couldn't believe it. Perhaps I need to be fully intoxicated next time? Next year I might have a better relationship with booze and would be able to go on a weekend bender.

And yes - I will probably go back for my birthday next year. Carolyn and I are making plans :-D

More detailed write up later. Right now, battery drained, mind overloaded, body is TIRED. Because really - who needs sleep in Vegas?
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Dr. Bunny

A fine looking group of people

And I'm home. It's damn cold in this city! Pics are uploaded and located on facebook. You can see them here

Regrettably, I only have one picture of the four of us all dressed up for Spamalot. I do have to say, we look gooooooooood.

And now, bed!