November 3rd, 2007

Sleep Bunny - Lem

I think I'm dying

and I have class this weekend.

Remind me all to tell you about the following:

1) Meeting up with clearmind, Liz and Jim in Berkeley on Thursday night and the conversations that ensued.

2) The BART ride home from Berkeley, the stranger I met who looked like a young version of Raffi and the conversation that ensued.

3) Walking around San Francisco with Liz and Jim today and the joy that is The Exploritorium

4) The email I got when I came home from work.

Time to go to bed now. Cannot think. Body aches. Head filled with cotton. And OH MY GOD UGLY BETTY + WICKED = OTP
Sleep Bunny - Lem

Fever Dreams

The cold the Richey had at work this week, turning him into a being of unimaginable assholeyness, has found its way into my body, assaulting my very being with its unrelenting viral prowess. My skin has that fuzzy feeling. I tried to explain this to Kevin - my skin just feels...fuzzy. Kind of like I have a static electricity field surrounding my body and everything that I touch just feels...fuzzy. Kevin just looked at me like I was a fool, but, you know, in a good way. In a loving, I'm your roommate and I love you but you're so on drugs, way.

By the way, when I'm sick, I have bizarre dreams in which small Filipino men who happen to work for a major campaign organization have amazingly hot sex with me in office supply closets.

I also had to call my advisor this morning to let her know that I was dying and needed to get better. The problem is that I when I woke up and grabbed the phone, I would go back to sleep and dream that I called her. I would then wake up, realize I hadn't called her, grab the phone again, only to fall promptly back asleep, dream I called her to tell her, then wake up again. Repeat about five times. Yeah - I didn't make it to class today.

I've been asleep most of the day. Kevin and I are ordering Chinese food. I'm buying and he's going across the street to buy me some theraflu so I can go to class tomorrow.

Legally Blond, the musical, is on MTV. It's not really appealing and yet neither of us can turn away. I have the excuse that I'm slowly being eaten alive by invading viruses. Kevin has no excuse except it's a box with pretty colors. And he's gay.