February 15th, 2008

Dancing Gir

I can I have I deserve

My skills class on Thursday was all about affirmations. At first I was skeptical - I've been a petulant five year old for most of this week and I didn't really want to play along. I looked at our worksheet and thought affirmations were stupid and dumb. Our behaviorist, Margot, even told us that at first SHE thought they were really silly, but in the end helped her out. It's all about positive talk. We may not realize how much negative talk we give ourselves, and how it really can effect our mood.

Together in class we brained stormed some phrases to use, and by the end of the class I started to feel better, as weird as that sounds.

Anyways - I'm feeling better today and I wanted to share some of the affirmations that we came up with. I like them.

I have the power to make healthy food choices.

I deserve a happy and healthy body.

My success starts today.

I can control how I react to any situation.

Record Keeping is a tool, it is not a measure of my self worth.

When I looks for ways to be successful I know I can succeed.

I am worth this effort.