April 29th, 2008

Love Bunny

Why yes, it IS a Tuesday

And I want waffles. But I have no waffle iron. Sad.

Last night Kevin and I celebrated our one year anniversary of getting out of Minnesota. One year ago last night we had our final dinner in Minnesota with his family. Last night we had dinner at our new restaurant, Anchor & Hope that's located conveniently behind Salt House.


Last night we dined - DINED I SAY - upon some of the best sea food in San Francisco. Both Kevin and I aren't huge on the sea food front, but we figured since we know the company it's going to be fantastic and it was.

Anchor & Hope Clam Chowder
Served table side, they present the bowl with all the fixin's inside then pour over the hot chowder on top. We then stirred it ourselves and it was a bit of creamy heaven. The clams were incredibly tender and the corn added a wonderful sweetness to the soup.

Warm Sea Urchin in the Shell
I would have never thought to have ordered this. Even though I consider myself to be food adventerous, Sea Urchin has never been something I have been drawn to eat. Some of it is because it just looks weird and kind of gritty, all orangy-yellowy on the plate. Add to that that this is served with mashed potatoes, something which most of you know I cannot eat. However, thanks in part to the rave review Lauren gave me, we decided to risk it and try it. HOLY FUCK BALLS. It was warm, creamy and very delicious. THe potatoes were smooth and not gritty or weird at all and the sea urchin mixed well with the crab meat. It was just fantastic. Also - it's served in the shell (as the name says) so you get this huge ass sea urchin shell, spines and all, served on a plate in front of you. Awesome.

Angels on Horseback
This was actually a gift from the house, and it was an AMAZING gift. Angels on Horseback are bacon wrapped oysters and are simply amazing. I've never been big on oysters due to the texture, but the added crisp the bacon gives it makes it simply amazing. We each had two but I could have easily eaten a dozen more. Simply devine.

Lobster Roll
This was my entree and it was so delicious. It's basically a lobster salad on a peice of bread that has been slathered with butter and then grilled. The whole taste is crispy and delicious. The lobster was fresh and tender and the coolness went well with the warmness of the bread.

Kevin had the Stuffed Breast of Guinea Hen and it was tender, moist, and delicious. He basically used his butter knife and fork to pull the meat apart.

Our dessert was a strawberry rhubarb crisp with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. It was light and warm after the amazing dinner we just had. By the end of the night I was on cloud nine, but the bottle of wine I brought over from Salt House probably had something to do with that. We ended up taking a taxi home and I passed out in a food induced coma at about 9pm. I wish I could call caloric amnesty on what I ate, but I was dilligent and calculated it all. And let me tell you, it was worth each and every calorie. Holy GOD was it worth each and every calorie.

So SF peeps and peeps who want to visit me in SF: make plans to come eat at Anchor and Hope (or Salt House or Town Hall, you know, whatever floats your boat). We'll have a wonderful dinner. Trust me.