June 27th, 2008


Things that aren't fun

Throwing up at the stop right as your bus pulls up to take you to work. THAT is NOT FUN.

I honestly can't remember the last time I threw up in public. OTC is closed right now so I emailed Louise with my symptoms and everything. I'm going to scrub the hell out of my water bottle (maybe microwave it?) and hope to god this isn't serious.

This sucks. I even got 30 minutes of work out this morning and my ipod nano is AWESOME. Fraggle Rock might just be the best thing to work out to.

Ugh. I feel so gross and so pissed that I'm not at work. I work on Saturday, though, so if I make it with no more puking today, I'll make sure I'll get that covered for Janey.

Waaaah! And WALL*E comes out today! I don't want to miss it!!!!