My sister in law Tif sent an email to the family today about a guy named Matt. Who dances. He dances all over the world with the help of Stride gum who sent him there.

He daces in cities. He dances on the shore. He dances in the rain. He dances with children, with adults, with grandmas and grandpas, with crowds of people all doing the same happy little jig, being completely silly and free, just having fun.

I watched the video and I started to cry.

Who knows why - perhaps I'm a sucker for the music in the background, perhaps it was just a long day at work. Or perhaps, as cliche as this is, it's because there is joy and beauty in this world, even if you're alone or with strangers. Perhaps today I needed to be reminded of that.

I've embedded the video here, but I'd recommend you go to the site and watch the high quality version.

I can't garauntee that you'll start to get teary-eyed at it like I did (who knows why I did - I'm not normally this sentimental) but hopefully you'll just be a bit happier after watching it.