August 26th, 2008

Dr. Bunny

(no subject)

It's Tuesday morning - currently I am on Jonathan's bed (which I'm not sure can be classified as a bed any longer - he removed the cinderblocks and plywood that made up the "boxspring" and the IKEA bought mattress is currently resting directly on the floor. However, this is no worse than sleeping on plywood and cinderblocks) getting ready to go to Davis when, in fact, I am anything BUT ready to go to Davis for my weight loss class. This week I feel off the wagon in a pretty spectacular way. It was completely my choice in every regard and I am disappointed in myself that I allowed myself to do it.

Also - and part of the reason why I am still in bed - is that I woke this morning with the all too familiar feeling of cement in my sinus slowly seeping down the back of my throat. As is creeps its way down, it sands down the back of my throat. My ears are starting to tingle with the pressure and my knuckles are stiff and swollen from water retention. Now - this could simply just be because I slept last night only about four inches off a carpet that has not been vacuumed since the dawn of time and a little sudafed or benadryl will take care of this lickitlysplit. Or, worse, I caught my manager's cold and I will be a dying wreck by this weekend. You know, moving weekend.

I'm really hoping for the first.

Right now I am going to ratchet myself off of the bed, slap on clothes, drink some water, and head over to the store next door in the vain hopes of finding some drugs to ease my suffering and, thereby, ease the suffering of my soon-to-be-roommates so I can actually work this weekend.

PS - my stress dreams lately have been AWESOME.