I have never really done any international travel before. Well, I did go to Australia with my family many, MANY years ago, but I wasn't really involved in the mass packing that was involved besides making sure I had enough socks and undies to last me through the trip.

So now I'm asking you guys - MANY of you, I know, have done some awesome traveling (of which I'm very jealous), so I hope you guys can help. I'm pretty clueless here, but I have some idea of what I need. Perhaps you guys can point me into the right direction.

We Will Need:
A suitcase for the both of us: Nothing HUGE because I'm fairly sure that Jonathan's parents have a washer and dryer, so we can do a load of laundry and cut down on the amount of clothes we have to take with us. Any kind of suitcase you guys really like?

A day pack: I don't cary purses with me because I rely on my pockets, but I KNOW that's not gonna fly in Malaysia. Any good ideas? Something that would hold wallets, a camera, passports, etc, that would be reletivly safe and not scream out STEAL ME! I CONTAIN VALUABLES!

Anything else that I can't think of : We will not be taking any of our laptops, but will be taking an extra back pack with things to keep us busy on the plane and a set of spare clothes (you never know what's going to happen to your checked luggage). Is there something that I am completely over looking?

Thanks in advance for all your help! I am so clueless when it comes to these sort of things!